October 5, 2021 Perspective

Supporting Patients, Their Caregivers and Our Partners through Acadia Connect

Supporting patients and our community is integral to how Acadia helps champion the person behind their disease. We research, innovate and create treatments that help fight neurological diseases, but our work doesn’t end there. We build connections by partnering with patients and their caregivers to provide educational and supportive tools to help navigate every part of their journey. 

AcadiaConnect is how we come together to better serve patients, caregivers and our healthcare provider partners. This free resource is a comprehensive support program for patients who are prescribed treatments from Acadia, connecting them with knowledgeable and dedicated Care Coordinators who offer guidance and support for each unique situation.  

With a clear, intuitive user interface and help every step of the way, Acadia Connect offers information and assistance with important details around:

  • Financial assistance and insurance coverage
  • Prescription access and support
  • Changes in insurance, financial situation or prescription delivery

Acadia’s commitment is simple, to be there for patients and caregivers. To learn more, visit acadiaconnect.com.