Corporate Social Responsibility

We go beyond our treatments to support and champion our teams, our patients and our communities, to build a better world.

A Personal Mission

We partner beyond the science, so more possibilities shine through. While our primary passion is helping people fight neurological diseases, we’re committed to doing so sustainably and ethically. It’s not just talk. We put our words into action.

Ensuring Drug Safety and Quality

Our patients trust us to deliver products that are both safe and effective. We’re creating and refining infrastructures with the help of a dedicated team to manufacture innovative medicines.

  • Policy: We have policies that uphold the standards provided by the FDA to ensure quality, safe medicines.
  • Management: We take a proactive approach to ensure quality by prioritizing regulatory compliance and performing routine compliance checks.
  • Drug Safety: We have a system of robust processes to review and evaluate the safety of our medicines, and we are committed to continuous improvement.
Team of doctors working in a lab.

Supporting Our Community

Access to Medicine and Support

Patients can’t benefit from what they don’t have access to. We support them by making sure they have access to resources through a safe, professional network.

  • Specialty Pharmacies: We work with Specialty Pharmacies to help patients navigate insurance and financial assistance as well as connect to advocacy organizations.
  • Acadia Connect: Our platform that helps patients start and continue on treatment with support from care coordinators. 

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Charitable Giving

Through our commUNITY program events like the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service #dayofservice, Acadians let their generosity shine through by helping people experiencing homelessness, supporting the environment, sending Valentine’s Day cards to seniors in isolation, donating books to reading programs, feeding homeless men and women at a local soup kitchen, picking up trash in a city park, assembling lunches for a food pantry – a range of service as broad as Acadia’s commitment to our communities. We frequently donate to:

  • Caregiver Action Network
  • Parkinson’s Foundation
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation

Elderly African American couple embracing each other smiling.

Keeping Our Planet Healthy

We minimize our carbon footprint in two key ways: our physical buildings and manufacturing process. Both of our physical buildings limit their carbon footprint, and our San Diego building is Gold Level LEED certified.

In our manufacturing process, our chemists are committed to “green chemistry,” increasing efficiencies, reducing materials and minimizing waste. We continue to evolve our efforts, aiming for a long-term, sustainable future.

Grandfather giving granddaughter a piggy back ride

Corporate Governance

We believe that strong corporate governance principles lead to a culture of high standards. To reinforce these principles, Acadia’s Compliance Program and Code of Conduct serve as guidelines and support for all employees in their pursuit of excellence.


Our Compliance Program prevents violations of company policy, applicable laws and regulations. Acadians are encouraged to report potential issues, and reports are thoroughly investigated, then followed by further action if necessary. This system helps ensure that our medicines can be promoted to healthcare providers in good faith.

A Strong Code of Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code of Conduct) applies to all employees, officers and directors of the company. We encourage all who are interested to review our Code of Conduct and other important corporate governance documents.

Clinical Trial Participants

Patients make our clinical trials possible. We prioritize their safety, confidentiality and privacy by ensuring our clinical trials are rigorous and comply with local laws and regulations. We believe diverse representation in clinical trials is crucial for bringing innovative medicines to market and achieving equitable healthcare.