Advancing breakthroughs in neuroscience to elevate life.

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Elevating Lives for More Than 30 Years

For more than three decades, Acadia has been at the forefront of healthcare, elevating lives by providing essential solutions to those who need them most. We pioneered the first and only approved therapies for hallucinations and delusions in Parkinson’s disease psychosis and Rett syndrome. Currently, our clinical-stage developments focus on addressing Prader-Willi syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease psychosis, and neuropsychiatric symptoms in CNS disorders.

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Innovative therapies for Parkinson’s and Rett syndrome
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Advancing a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
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Committed to addressing unmet needs in rare diseases

Fighting Disease So More “You” Shines Through 

At Acadia, we are committed to developing therapies in areas with high unmet needs, elevating life to ensure a brighter future for all. United in our commitment, we strive for a healthier tomorrow—embracing diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration, and standing resilient in our mission to elevate life with unwavering dedication.

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Patient Support

We help patients fight their diseases not only with therapies, but with support, education and connection.

Our Medicines

We have FDA-approved treatments for Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis and Rett syndrome.

Our People

We are a community of unique individuals with the mindset of a scientist, dedication of a healthcare provider and heart of a caregiver.