Clinical Trials

We’re passionate about improving the lives of patients by developing and commercializing innovative medicines. That means conducting rigorous clinical trials to get the best possible treatments for those who need them.

Clinical Trials

To provide safe and effective treatments

Our medicines undergo complex and rigorous testing in clinical trials, which helps researchers determine if the treatments are safe and effective. To ensure this is the case, all medicines developed by Acadia must meet standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and similar regulatory authorities worldwide before becoming widely available.

Clinical trials

Expanded Access

To improve healthcare in our community

We believe completing clinical research and partnering with regulatory authorities is the best approach to improving health outcomes for people with an illness or disease. For this reason, Acadia does not have an expanded access program that offers patients access to our investigational therapies outside of clinical trials or prior to FDA approval.

We believe clinical trials are the most appropriate way for patients to access investigational medicines developed by Acadia. In these trials, the safety and efficacy of investigational medicines are rigorously assessed by Acadia and the relevant regulatory agencies in order to understand the medicine’s benefits, risks, and appropriate use, including whether or not it should be approved as a therapy for its intended use. Obtaining regulatory approval is the best way to bring safe and effective medicines to the greatest number of patients who may benefit from treatment.